Lavender + Honey Beeswax Soap

Lavender + Honey Beeswax Soap

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Approx. 3 oz


Our tried and true recipe, updated to include the soft, gentle properties of goat milk! As beekeepers, we are always looking for ways to best use our beeswax and honey, and this soap recipe has been our favorite for years, Producing a hard bar with great lather, the plant oils, honey, and beeswax make this a supremely non-drying bar.


Fun Fact: Cleopatra reportedly soaked in baths of goats milk and covered herself in golden honey...while we could provide you with both, we thought it much easier and certainly less messy to give you all the benefits in a luscious bar of soap.


We’ve even upped the beauty game a bit by adding beeswax to the mix to help seal in all of that goodness. This is a super gentle soap, suitable for all skin types. It is our go-to soap all year round, but particularly in the winter when the dry air takes its toll.


Go ahead and try it, it’s the stuff of goddesses!



goat milk, raw honey, beeswax



olive oil, goat milk, coconut oil, shea butter, lye, castor oil, honey, beeswax, essential oil


hand poured and hand cut each bar is unique and will vary slightly in size, weight, and color


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